Beauty Style Zodiac Sign 2020

Your 2020 Beauty Style, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Plus, makeup picks that are perfect for you!

By the Beauty Beat Team

If you’re a fan of astrology like us, you probably look to the stars—err, your horoscopes—for a little help and inspiration every now and then.  And we figured, why not look to the heavens for some beauty inspo, too? Here, we give you astro-inspired beauty finds that are well-suited for each zodiac sign to help you kick of the year on a high (and star-approved!) beauty note!


Your style: Smooth and fluid, like the free spirit that you are. An air sign, you’re drawn to freshness and novelty in everything—including makeup. That said, you’re always game to try new trends and is never one to shy away from a bright lip or dramatic highlights. This year, take it up a notch by trying new color combinations and unexpected pops of color.

Beauty picks for you:


Your style: You’re constantly traversing the line between fantasy and reality, a characteristic that makes you a versatile beauty. One day, you’re all gorgeously au naturel; the next day you’re turning heads with your bold blue eye makeup look. (You’re a water sign, after all.) Stay adventurous and don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.

Beauty picks for you:


Your style: Ever the go-getter, you don’t stop until you’re No. 1—or when you’ve got everyone’s attention. No wonder you’re into rocking only the most flawless brows, fierce winged eyes, and perfectly sculpted cheeks. This year, add a touch of softness to your look with dreamy pastels and sheer tints.

Beauty picks for you:


Your style: With Venus as your governing celestial body, you certainly have an edge when it comes to beauty. You’re bounded by no rules—even with makeup—and often follow your gut when deciding on what statement to make. While you can most definitely pull off the minimalist trend, how about adding more ~drama~ this 2020? Our advice: Don’t shy away from color!

Beauty picks for you:


Your style: The liveliest of the air signs, you’re fun, youthful, and always curious—and these characteristics extend to how you project yourself aesthetically. Given how crazy your life is going to be this year (in a good way, though!), you’d do well to go for simple yet powerful makeup to provide a sense of balance.

Beauty picks for you:


Your style: Always in tune with your emotions, you’re intuitive and tend to base your decisions on your feelings, including what to put on your face. You’re big on self-care and so you usually focus more on skin care than on cosmetics. There’s no harm in doing that and you’re in luck, too, with the rise of makeup-skin care hybrids.

Beauty picks for you:


Your style: Contrary to what others may think, you’re not always on fierce lioness mode. You like to tone it down every now and then with elegant neutrals and subtle shimmer. With fire as your element, don’t be shy to go extra fiery when you feel like it! With your confidence, you can’t go wrong with a red hot lip or sultry, smokey eyes.

Beauty picks for you:


Your style:  The ultimate minimalist, you’d be happy to discover that 2020 is your year—when back-to-basics looks and classic styles (a.k.a. your jam)—take centerstage. While earth tones suit you best, play it up by mixing and matching your neutrals with soft pastels and high shine.

Beauty picks for you:


Your style: A balanced beauty, you crave symmetry in everything. Indulge your harmony-seeking psyche with face-perfecting palettes and precise applicators to create your go-to fresh and feminine looks. It may be high time to step out of your comfort zone, though, so don’t be afraid to try darker shades and bolder beauty combos!

Beauty picks for you:


Your style: You’re imaginative, often emotional, and intense—characteristics that extend to your wardrobe and makeup kit. That said, too simple looks just don’t work for you. Luckily, this year’s trends include lots of opportunity to turn heads: Try upgrading your matte eye shadows to iridescent shades, or layering your lippie with loads of sheen.

Beauty picks for you:


Your style: Your adventurous streak never wanes, and so you’re always ready to take the biggest risks when it comes to beauty. Red remains your top color, so you can’t go wrong with a bright cherry lip or a vampy pout. (They suit your energetic nature, too!) For a balanced look, invest in neutrals and sheer formulas for the rest of your face.

Beauty picks for you:


Your style: Down-to-earth and ever the go-getter, you’re all about no-fuss styles that keep you gorgeous while on the go. Stick to colors that are grounded as you are, like earth and jewel tones, as these suit you best and will never run out of style. And while it’s okay to experiment with bolder hues, be wary of going for anything overly trendy or outrageous.

Beauty picks for you:

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