These Korean Skin Care Products Should Be On Your Next-Buy List

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Obsessed with K-beauty? Get ready to add more to cart.

By the Beauty Beat Team | March 16, 2020

When it comes to skin care, Koreans sure know what they’re doing. Just one look at their smooth, glass-skin complexions and it’s hard not be sold on their skin care regimens—whether it’s their famous 10-step routine or their penchant for products featuring the most exotic ingredients, like snail mucus and horse oil.

If you’re new to the K-beauty scene, don’t fret. With the amount of Korean skin care products out there, it’s normal to be intimidated in doing things the K-way. The key is to start slow—meaning, you can add just one Korean product to your routine now, and then gradually build your way up to a multi-step routine. (This way, you get to safely assess your skin’s reaction to new products, too!)

To help you get started, we’ve picked out some of our Korean skin care basics from two of our trusted K-beauty brands: Deoproce, which is famous for utilizing the most exotic natural ingredients to bring the beauty of nature to your skin,and Cellapy, a top and derma-trusted beauty company providing skin care solutions in South Korea.

Ready to kick-start your new K-beauty routine? Check out our list!

If you’re looking for a cleanser, try: Deoproce Natural Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam with Rice Powder

Why we love it: Designed to deep-cleanse, unclog pores, and rejuvenate your complexion—perfect for those with rough and tired skin—this foaming cleanser features rice flour and mixed cereal extracts, which dissolve dead skin cells without causing irritation, leaving skin smooth, soft, and well-hydrated. And since it’s made with natural ingredients, it’s safe for most skin types.

Deoproce Natural Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam Deep Cleansing Rice, P530

If you’re looking for a soap: Deoproce Black Garlic Re-Aging Soap

Why we love it: As it turns out, natural black garlic helps boost skin regeneration, giving you younger-looking skin while effectively cleansing and stripping skin of contaminants and excess sebum. Plus: It’s non-drying, and leaves face feeling soft and smooth. (Don’t worry, though; it doesn’t smell like garlic!)

Deoproce Black Garlic Re-Aging Soap, P160

If you’re looking for a toner: Cellapy A. Repair Light Toner

Why we love it: What makes Korean toners different and, well, special? Unlike most astringent toners that can be drying, the K-beauty toners are usually packed with moisturizing and skin-soothing capabilities—like this one from Cellapy. Apart from preventing moisture loss, this light formula lifts any remaining residue after cleansing, smoothens the skin’s texture, and strengthens the skin’s barrier.

Cellapy A.Repair Light Toner, P1,499

If you’re looking for a moisturizer: Cellapy A. Repair Cream Mist

Why we love it: Perfect for the summer months and our year-long tropical climate, this lightweight skin moisturizer—the liquid version of Cellapy’s A. Repair Cream—delivers intense hydration minus any heaviness. It’s great for on-the-go spritzing, too, so you can soothe skin whenever, wherever.

Cellapy A.Repair Cream Mist, P1,999

If you’re looking for a skin treatment: Cellapy Red Cica All-in-One Ampoule

Why we love it: Also known as targeted skin treatments, ampoules (or more concentrated versions of serums) can do wonders in treating specific skin concerns such as the signs of aging and hyperpigmentation. We specifically love this multitasking ampoule, which drenches skin with moisture and nutrients while also providing whitening and wrinkle care.

Cellapy Red Cica All In One Ampoule, P1,499

If you’re looking for a sunscreen: Cellapy Agi Toning UV Daily Sun Care

Why we love it: Apart from providing a high level of broad-spectrum UV protection for your skin (SPF 50), this non-sticky sun cream also delivers skin brightening and moisturizing benefits—for that ultimate K-beauty glow, even without makeup.

Cellapy Agi Toning UV Daily Sun Care, P1,999

If you’re looking for a sheet mask: Deoproce Color Synergy Effect Sheet Mask Series

Why we love it: Deoproce offers a wide range of sheet masks that target all sorts of skin issues—from dryness and roughness to aging and acne. Plus, they come in affordable 10-piece sets. Choose from their extensive selection of masks here.

Deoproce Color Synergy Effect Sheet Mask – Blue (10 Sheets), P640

If you’re looking for a night cream or sleeping pack: Deoproce Snail Galac Revital Sleeping Pack

Why we love it: This rich, nighttime cream contains vitamin-rich snail mucus to boost skin regeneration and provide intense moisture—while you get your beauty sleep! Bonus: Its thick consistency also makes it a potent moisturizer for rough spots all over the body, such as your elbows and knees.

Deoproce Snail Galac Revital Sleeping Pack, P1,995

You can shop for more Korean skin care products at Beauty Beat.

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