We Tried Masking Every Day For A Whole Week

Here’s a sheet mask schedule you can totally cop.
By Elaine Reyes

If you’re feeling proud of yourself for treating your skin to a sheet mask session once or twice this week, we applaud you. A top-up to your skin care routine, masking can be considered an indulgence, especially for us busybodies who barely have time to savor or complete our normal regimen on a daily basis. But get this: In Korea, some people do up to two sheet masks in one day, every day. No wonder their skin always looks gorgeously dewy!

But is it really okay to use a sheet mask daily? Our research says yes, as long as the masks you’re using are not infused with anti-aging acids (like glycolic acid), which can be too irritating for daily use. Also, since masks are occlusive and can block pores, too frequent use is not recommended for those with problematic skin. If you’re acne-prone, limit usage to just once a week.

That said, those with normal, dry, and even sensitive skin can soak up a sheet mask daily to boost hydration levels and infuse skin with glow-getting ingredients, sort of like upgrading your moisturizer for a supercharged version. And trust us, it’s worth the commitment.

How do we know? Well, this writer (me!) personally took on the challenge and used one Korean sheet mask every day for seven days straight! No days off; just me and my mask of choice every night for 20 minutes. At the end of the challenge, my skin had never looked better.

From dull and dry to radiant and dewy! Skin looked visibly healthier after seven days of nonstop masking.

Here’s a rundown of the different types of masks I used (all from Korean brand Deoproce, by the way), which I chose depending on my skin’s needs for each day.

Coming from a long weekend, this Monday was super stressful. I spent the entire day holed up in the office with the AC on full blast, and barely got some nourishment in.

What my skin needed: Water! Having only chugged down mostly coffee, my body and skin felt so thirsty at the end of the day, so I grabbed the Deoproce Lap Therapy Swallow’s Nest Aqua Mask Pack, P110, a hydrating mask powered by moisturizing sea bird’s nest. It comes with a separate ampoule that you apply before fitting the mask on your face, so skin was really soaked with product. My face felt so moisturized after, I might have slept with a smile on my face.

I woke up feeling extra fresh and skipped my usual a.m. serum because I felt like I didn’t need it. Had dinner out after work and got home late. But no excuses—I slapped on a mask while watching Netflix.

What my skin needed: Skin didn’t feel as dry as yesterday, but I wanted to beef up the moisture further so I opted for the Deoproce Color Synergy Effect Sheet Mask - Blue (Clear Healthy Moist), P65. It’s got hydrolyzed collagen and seaweed complex extract to help plump up skin, which was perfect ‘cause I was feeling bloated.

The day called for errands, including walking under the sun in BGC. The sweat and pollution made my skin feel extra icky, so I was actually excited to go home and indulge in skin care.

What my skin needed: Extra TLC! I chose the Deoproce Lap Therapy Horse Oil Whitening & Nutrition Mask Pack, P110, because of the horse oil, a rising K-beauty ingredient. Rich in fatty acids, it has anti-inflammatory properties and aids in skin repair—just what I needed. Don’t worry, it doesn’t smell anything horsey!

Halfway through the challenge, I’m already seeing significant improvements: Woke up to soft and dewy skin, including on my cheeks. (I have combination skin and usually have dry patches on my cheek area.) Skipped the foundation and went out with just concealer under the eyes.

What my skin needed: To give my skin a brightening boost, I opted for the Deoproce Color Synergy Effect Sheet Mask - Green (Bright Antioxidant Soothing), P65. It has soothing aloe and protective green tea, which is great for keeping zits at bay.

TGIF! Had a girls’ night out planned so I went extra with my makeup, which glided on super easily—even without a primer. The catch: My extra-moisturized skin made me prone to a makeup meltdown.

What my skin needed: My smokey eye, heavy liner, and cream contour felt stifling at the end of the night that I felt the need to double-cleanse. To help skin recover, I reached for the Deoproce Lap Therapy Placenta Soothing Mask Pack, P110. Twenty minutes later, I was sleeping like a baby (with baby-soft skin!).

It’s stay-in Saturday, so I got to do my mask routine during the day while catching up on household chores.

What my skin needed: I still felt guilty about abusing my skin with makeup the night before, so I picked out another soothing mask: Deoproce Color Synergy Effect Sheet Mask – Sky Blue (Moist Soothing Smooth), P65. I chilled it in the fridge first for a cooling effect. So relaxing!

Can’t believe I’m on my last day of the challenge!

What my skin needed: I haven’t done any anti-aging masks yet, so for my last one, I opted for the Deoproce Lap Therapy Snail Anti-Wrinkle Mask Pack, P110. It’s powered by one of my fave Korean ingredients, snail mucin, which is a winner in healing and nourishing skin. Plus, it’s non-irritating so it’s safe to use on the reg.

THE VERDICT: I used to be a lazy masker but this challenge made me realize that it’s totally doable — every day, too. It only takes a few seconds to put it on, after all, and you just leave it to work its magic while you go do other things. After just the third day, my skin looked visibly healthier and extra dewy, even after washing in the a.m. I bid goodbye to my dry patches, too, and reveled in my newfound smoothness.

Come to think of it, masking can actually be considered a time-saver. Thanks to its glow-getting benefits, you can opt to skip your serums and even your all-over foundation since your bare skin already looks and feels good. It’s a great trick for when you’re planning to go for a no makeup phase, or before you hit the beach!

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