How to Achieve Your Best Skin Ever for Your Upcoming Beach Trip

Count down to your departure day with some proper pampering.
By the Beauty Beat Team

Admit it, pre-trip rituals of any sort are almost always crammed down to the last call of every spa, salon, or supermarket you'll need things from. While we can't stop you from procrastinating, we can help you get your affairs in order, literally. Before you call us out on being control freaks, you might want to keep in mind that there's a reason why things are done in order, like how scrubs go before waxes, among other things. Here's a foolproof four-step routine that'll have you silky-skinned by the end of it:

Step 1: A good scrub

Whether you get it at a spa or DIY at home, a good shower and a good scrub perfectly prep your skin for everything that follows, be it a fake or actual tanning session, a wax or an IPL sesh.

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Step 2: Shed with light

We mean laser light, obviously. Waxing may be a quick fix, but it may just be the most painful thing a woman subjects herself to in the name of beauty. So invest in a longer-term solution, like laser hair removal. The new machines claim to be painless and do it in a jiffy.

If you still prefer waxing, make sure to schedule your hair removal sesh at least a week before your trip to give your skin time to heal. (Newly waxed skin is extra prone to infection and irritation!) To speed up the repair process, you can soothe affected areas with aloe gel.

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Step 3: Get silky

Beach water can be dehydrating for your complexion, so make sure you prep by packing in as much moisture into your skin. Aside from making you look extra smooth and flawless (no dry and rough patches here!), the moisture also adds an extra layer of protection against damage from the elements—the sun, sand, and seawater. 

Go for intense moisture with a nourishing beauty oil, like the Revox Argan Oil 100% Natural, P229.


Step 4: All Polished

If you've forgotten your nails, you're not really "dressed head-to-toe" yet. Ideally, manis and pedis are done post-packing but preflight. Deciding between gel and regular lacquer? Sunscreen smears off polish, so pick the regular kind that you can just change at whim, or forgo color. But if you're jetting off to a cooler clime for a longer time instead of a beach, the gel option is a better choice. 

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