Easy Tricks for Brighter Skin (No Makeup Required!)

Upgrade your skin care routine for that insta-glow.
By Elaine Reyes

When it comes to skin whitening, you don’t necessarily have to resort to extreme or expensive measures to give your complexion a lightening boost. The key to achieving a brighter, more radiant skin tone starts with simply being more serious about your skin care habits—and yes, we mean the ones that you’re probably already doing now. Level up your routine with these subtle upgrades to your usual steps and products.

Clean your skin like you mean it.
Without proper cleansing, toxins and bacteria will accumulate on skin, causing inflammation and sensitivity, and leaving you with a dull, gray cast on your face. For a deeper cleanse, try double-cleansing on heavy makeup days, or when you feel extra icky or oily. Start with an oil-based cleanser to remove all your makeup, then follow up with a foaming wash—ideally one with brightening properties—for your second cleanse. Try the Deoproce Natural Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam Gold Edition Special Care, P670.

Exfoliate regularly (and at the right time, too).
There’s a reason why you glow when you have smooth skin: It reflects light beautifully, adding brightness to your face. On the other hand, Rough, uneven skin—caused by the buildup of residue and dead skin cells—reflects light poorly, so your skin looks anything but radiant. Exfoliate once or twice a week to slough off any unevenness and also unclog pores, allowing skin to better absorb your skin care products. Make sure to do it in the a.m., too, for optimum results. Remember, skin repairs itself at night, so exfoliate in the morning to slough off dead skin.

Don’t let your skin go thirsty.
Keeping your skin well-hydrated goes a long way in improving your skin tone. A lot of women tend to focus primarily on the use of whitening products, many of which can be harsh and drying on skin. But get this: When skin is dry, it’s more prone to inflammation and sensitivity, and consequently, discoloration.

To really pack in the moisture, slather on your moisturizer while skin is still damp from a shower or a wash, so it gets absorbed better. For a serious brightening boost, you can also switch to a face cream that's both a whitener and a hydrator, like the Skin Doctors White & Bright, P2,999. 

Apply and re-apply sunscreen.
It’s not enough that you put on your SPF before you start your day; you have to remember to re-apply, too. Most dermatologists advise re-applying every two or three hours if you’re outdoors, especially if you’re swimming or sweating. But if you’re indoors, you can get away with just one touch-up at lunchtime or before you head out in the afternoon. In case you didn’t know: The sun’s UV rays can penetrate glass windows, while indoor lights emit UV radiation, too. Chronic, low-dose UV exposure can cause cumulative damage, including hyperpigmentation.

If creams or lotions feel too heavy or greasy for you, you can opt for a sun-protecting spray, like the Deoproce Easy Light Fresh Sun Mist SPF 50+/PA+++, P840. 

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