WATCH: Here's How To Rock Sparkly Makeup Like An Adult

This shimmery makeup look is totally wearable.
By Elaine Reyes

Pulling off a sparkly eye shadow look is a tricky, tricky thing. Make one false move and you can end up looking like a prom night disaster or a drag queen who swam in glitter (we do love ‘em kweens, though!).

But when done the right way, shimmery shadows can look gorgeously festive and endlessly elegant—so apt for the holidays!

Here, we asked celebrity makeup artist Sylvina Lopez to play around with the high-shine powders  and dreamy hues of the BYS Crystal Eyeshadow Palette to create a stunning party look that anyone can cop and actually wear.

Watch this video.

Keen to create your own sparkly party look? Heed these tips. 

Tip #1: It’s all about balance.

The secret to making shimmer work? Don’t overdo it. Focus on one area of the face—whether it’s your lids, cheeks, or lips—and make it your focal point while downplaying the rest of your makeup. So if your eye shadow is already the ~bomb~, keep your contour and cheeks subtle and your lip color neutral. (ICYMI: Nadine just released a collection of all nude lipsticks!)

Try: BYS Suede Lips Satin Lipstick - Au Natural, P399

BYS Lustrous Matte Lipstick - 02 Drama Queen, P449

Tip #2: Blend, blend, blend.

Sylvina used five eye shadow colors for this look (yep, five!) but managed to make the finished product look polished and not over-the-top because of her expert blending. She also started with a matte base and just layered the shimmers on top.

If you’re not yet a pro at eye shadow blending, it’s best to start with lighter shades like bronzes and golds, because they’re easier to work with and quicker to erase. 

Crystal Eyeshadow Palette in Tin, P899

BYS On-the-go Palette (Roar), P599

Tip #3: Anchor with eyeliner.

Don’t underestimate the power of eyeliner in sealing off your gleaming look and adding definition to your statement eye makeup.

Not yet ready to go for full-on sparkly lids? You may want to start with just a sweep of gilded powder under your bottom lashes paired with black liner on the upper lash line. This look is subtle but striking! 

BYS Liquid Liner & Kohl Pencil Duo, P599

BYS Liquid Eyeliner - Waterproof & Smudgeproof, P249

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