8 Waterproof Cosmetics You Can Wear While Swimming

Look fabulous even when you hit the waves!
By Samantha Clerigo

Looking flawless during the summer season is no easy feat. For one, you’re dealing with forces of nature, like the the scorching sun and beach waters. Secondly, your skin is more predisposed to excess oil and sweat, making it almost impossible to stay fresh-faced. The last thing you want is to look like a "hot mess" with molten makeup running down your face.

But while going barefaced may seem like the safest plan—especially if you're hitting the beach or going for a swim—you can still go ~extra~ with a bit of makeup, as long as they're the melt-proof, budge-proof kind.

We've rounded up some of our fave waterproof makeup picks to keep your look point for your next summer vacay!


Fashion 21 Ultimate Cover - #1, P225

Hiding your imperfections can be tricky when you’re going swimming. The mere act of submerging yourself into the water is always enough to erase every trace of concealer and foundation that you have on your face. Our tip: Swap your liquid base for a more tacky cream—for better coverage and longer-lasting wear. The Fashion 21 Ultimate Cover has a dual formula (BB cream and concealer) that can w
ithstand sweat and humidity, and feels ultra lightweight even as you layer. Best of all? It’s infused with SPF 30+ to keep your face protected from the sun’s harmful rays.


Lustrous Brow Gel - Natural Brown, P449

#KilayIsLife still rings true even when you’re out catching the waves.
 To keep your arches on fleek, try a longwearing gel formula, like the Lustrous Brow Gel, which has a rich pigment that’s enough to last you the whole day. You can use it both to shape your arches and fill in sparse areas of your eyebrows.


Bell HYPOAllergenic Waterproof Mat Eyeshadow - #03, P399

Want to wear eye shadow to the beach? You can! But instead of your usual powder eye makeup, opt for a waterproof cream formula and make sure to blend well. For an effortless beach babe look, go for soft, smokey eyes with browns and bronzes. Try the Bell HYPOAllergenic Waterproof Mat Eyeshadow for a selfie-ready stare.


BYS Lavish Lash - Waterproof Mascara, P599

Nobody likes clumpy, smudgy mascara that runs down your face when temperatures rise or the moment you emerge from the pool. Keep your lashes looking sultry and intact with a foolproof wand like the BYS Lavish Lash Waterproof Mascara


Ellana Lip and Cheek Gel - Ruby, P499

Flaunt just-bitten lips that won't fade nor bleed with a lip tint or stain that you can use on your cheeks, too! The Ellana Lip and Cheek Gel goes on smooth and blends to a fresh, watercolor finish. You can also pair 
it with a moisturizing lip balm, like the BYS Lip Bubble Balm, to leave your kissers feeling nourished in the hot weather and even underwater.

BYS Lip Bubble Balm (Loose) - Strawberry, P249


BYS Liquid Eyeliner - Waterproof & Smudgeproof, P249

You can still rock a defined eye look with a hint of liner—just steer clear of kohl pencils or creams that have a tendency to melt, smudge, and run once wet. Try the BYS Liquid Eyeliner, which has a pigmented formula that sets in seconds, and dries to a budgeproof finish. Keep your line thin and sleek for a natural look.


BYS Natural Finish Setting Spray, P599

After applying your makeup, a quick misting with the BYS Natural Finish Setting Spray
 makes all the difference (We swear!). This sets your pigment for long-lasting wear, and keeps your makeup fresh  fresh for hours.

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