7 Underrated Beauty Products You Actually Need

These unsung makeup heroes can make a huge difference.
By Elaine Reyes

We're all familiar with the usual makeup staples: foundation, powder, blush, kilay products, lipstick, and maybe eye shadow and liner. But while these are key essentials to creating a full look, there are a handful of rather not-so-popular makeup items that also offer amazing benefits, and can make a huge difference in your routine.

Here, we've listed seven of these unsung heroes, and what they can do for your makeup regimen.


Most busy gals skip this product thinking it’s just a waste of time and money. But here’s the truth: Prepping your face with a priming formula before makeup application actually lets you save on your other products by making your makeup look last longer, eliminating the need for frequent touch-ups.

Plus, primers also work to smoothen skin and creating an even canvas, helping make your products glide and adhere more flawlessly.

Try: Ellana DD+CC (Daily Defense + Color Correcting) Primer with SPF 30, P899

L.O.C.K. It Good High Wear Primer, P699

Blending Sponge

And we don't mean just any sponge; we're talking about a tear-shaped blending sponge a.k.a. a blender. What makes this type of sponge extra special? Compared to flat or angular sponges, this tool is a do-it-all. Use the rounded tip to apply or "stipple" foundation for an airbrushed finished, or to blend blush or contour. The small tip, meanwhile, is great for applying and blending product on smaller areas of the face like the sides of the nose and the eyes.  

Try: POP Studio Backups 04 Blending & Precision Sponge, P249

BYS Beauty Sponge Kit, P999

Angled Powder Brush

Ever wondered how makeup artists are able to create perfectly sculpted looks with blush and contour, whereas your attempts always end up looking like a muddy mess? It's got a lot to do with the brush you use to blend your products. Here's where a fluffy angled powder brush comes in handy. Its densely packed bristles and slanted shape allow for more controlled contouring and easier layering.

TryBYS Tapered Blusher Brush, P799

Setting Spray

An often overlooked beauty step, setting your makeup makes all the difference in preventing cakey or runny meltdowns by sealing in your products. Setting sprays typically contain polymers dissolved in a solvent. When sprayed on skin, these polymer droplets for a film that hold your makeup in place and act as a shield against sweat and clumping. They're extra helpful on hot or humid days, as well as for those with oily or combination skin. 

Try: BYS Natural Finish Setting Spray, P599

Skindinavia Finishing Spray - Oil Control, P1,400

Makeup Remover Wipes

While some beauty junkies argue that makeup remover wipes can't totally clean your skin, they're great alternatives for a wash when you're on the go, and are handy face perfectors. Use them to fix or spot-correct makeup boo-boo's, or to instantly refresh bare skin. Also a must-try: the Original MakeUp Eraser, a reusable makeup cleansing cloth that works with just water!

Try: BYS Cleansing Wipes (Miscellar Water), P199

Original MakeUp Eraser - Pink, P999

Brow Gel

Whether you're going for a natural brushed up look or polished arches, don't underestimate the power of some brow gel. Apart from adding fullness and color to your brows, they also set your strands in place for kilay that's on fleek for longer. If you prefer brow pencils or pens in defining your shape, just invest in a clear brow gel for a quick brow fix.

Try: Fashion 21 Eyebrow Gel, P165

Face Mist

Hydrating mists aren't just for dry-skinned beauties. They literally offer a spray-on glow, letting you score that K-beauty inspired dewy look or glass skin with just a couple of spritzes. 

Try: BYS Hydrating Mist - Rose Quartz, P799

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