WATCH: 10 Makeup Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Let’s take your makeup skills to the next level!
By the Beauty Beat Team

Fact: Just because we love makeup doesn’t mean we’ve mastered it all. Let's admit it—we’ve all had our screw-ups with a beauty product or two. Does putting on a smokey eyeshadow intimidate you? Are you still struggling with the cat-eye flick? Do you have a love-hate relationship with your liquid lipstick, too? If you can relate to any of these, then keep scrolling. We've rounded up ten life-changing hacks you can try to ace your makeup look in no time! You can also watch our video to see how they’re done. Spoiler alert: They’re all ridiculously easy!

Hack 1: Easy liquid lipstick application

Aside from prepping your lips through exfoliation and moisturization (hello, lip balms), defining your lips' natural shape is also crucial to creating a perfect lip look—especially if you're using liquid lipstick.

For a foolproof pout, start by drawing three vertical lines on the center of your lips using your lip brush: one smack in the middle while the other two are on each of its sides, coming from the peaks of your cupid's bow down to your lower lip. Connect these lines and continue drawing the outer lip before fully painting your kissers with your liquid lippie of choice. To minimize mistakes, use short strokes and go slow.

Try: BYS Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick in Cherry Now, P399

Hack 2: Quick fix for dark circles

Want to look like you got eight hours of sleep even when you didn’t? Use a red lipstick on your undereye circles before applying a yellow-toned concealer. The lippie’s color will help cancel out any blue or purple hues under your eyes so you don’t have to go overboard with concealer (layering on too much result in a cakey look). Blend well and voila! You look like a brand new person. 

Lustrous Matte Lipstick - Sagittarius

Try: Lustrous Matte Lipstick in Sagittarius, P399

Hack 3: Fake fuller-looking lips

Here’s a hack for pouty lips à la Kylie Jenner—sans the needle! Create the illusion of plumper puckers by adding shadows or contouring the areas around it with a brown lip liner. (A brow pencil or contouring product also works!) Create dimension by applying concealer on the edges of your lips, spreading it a little over your lip line, to make it appear larger. Lastly, blend the contour and concealer properly before wearing your fave nude lipstick. Genius, right?  

Try: BYS Suede Lips Satin Lipstick in Naked, P399

Hack 4: Gradient lip effect

This gorgeous K-beauty look is all about contrast, so it only makes sense to start with a concealer to prep and lighten the natural color of your lips. Doing so will help you achieve a better gradient effect by making your lipstick’s color pop more and the edges of your lips look more faded out.

After the concealer is evenly applied, swipe your lipstick just on the inner parts of your lips and blend upward with a cotton swab until you get the desired gradient. (Tip: Use a bold or deep color, like a red or wine, for a more dramatic effect.) Using a Q-tip instead of your finger allows you to reach the color on your inner lips and blend it better. As a final touch, add another layer of your lippie on the center of your lips for that just-bitten look. 

Hack 5: Contouring with a blender

Thanks to your trusty blender, a more chiseled face is now quicker to achieve! By vertically cutting a tear-shaped sponge into four parts, you create a contour stamp for easier sculpting. Simply press the flat side onto your contour product then stamp it along your temple, on the hollow part of your cheekbones, and along your jawline. Finally, blend the contour product with a fluffy brush until there are no more harsh lines.

Lustrous Bronze and Highlight Palette
Try: Lustrous Bronze and Highlight Palette, P1,499

Hack 6: Reverse 3 trick with concealer

If you’re in a pinch, try this strobing technique using a concealer that's two shades lighter than your skin tone to sculpt and highlight your face—saving you a few steps in your makeup routine. By drawing a reverse number “3” from your forehead, to the highest point of your cheeks, to the lower part of your cheekbones, you get a more defined face and a dewy finish at the same time. So easy!

Try: BYS All Day Wear Concealer, P499

Hack 7: Defining your natural brow shape 

For brows on fleek, it’s important that you know your natural brow shape first before grabbing your brow tweezers and fillers. To measure where your brows should start, peak, and end, hold your brow pencil or brush vertically in front of your face. The start of your brows should be aligned with the side of your nose. To find where your arch should peak, look straight and pivot your pencil or brush to the outside of your pupil. The end of your brows, on the other hand, can be determined by angling your pencil or brush on the outer edge of your eye. Mark these spots before tweezing or filling them in to get your ideal brow shape. 

Lustrous Brow Kit - Espresso
Try: Lustrous Brow Kit in Espresso, P599

Hack 8: Eye shadow crease with a spoon

Great news for girls with monolids and those who are having a hard time with the cut crease look: There’s this quick trick you can never go wrong with—and it involves something you already have at home. A spoon! 

Start by holding the spoon so it’s hugging your lids, placing it along the line of the crease where you want the darker eyeshadow to be. Then sweep the eye shadow along the edge of the spoon and blend it upwards until the brow bone. Once done, remove the spoon and apply a neutral or lighter eye shadow on the center of your lids then apply some more of the darker eye shadow on the outer corner of your eyelids to complete the look. If you want a cleaner cut crease and a little bit more wing, you can just grab your go-to concealer and you're good to go.
BYS Safari Eyeshadow Palette Tin

Try: BYS Eyeshadow Palette in Tin - Safari, P899

Hack 9: Brow defining with tweezers

Still can’t quite nail the perfect brows? Here’s another easy fix you can try! With a pair of tweezers, you get to control and be consistent with the thickness of your brows. Simply coat it with your brow gel then drag it along your brows for the perfect outline. Remember: Your brows get naturally thinner as you reach the end, so gently press your tweezers as you move outwards, following you natural shape. Once done, all you need to do is to fill it in with your preferred brow product!
Lustrous Brow Gel - Natural Brown

Try: Lustrous Brow Gel in Natural Brown, P449

Hack 10: Perfect winged liner using a card

If you’re a cat eye newbie or if drawing even wings with a free hand is still a difficult task for you, then this is the card trick you’d have to do: Use an old card as your stencil! Just hold it diagonally against the outer corner of your eye and trace the edge to create a perfect wing with your eyeliner. (Gel or liquid is best for a winged look.) Then, line the rest of your eye as you would, connecting it to the wing you've just created. You’re welcome!

BYS Liquid Liner & Kohl Pencil Duo
Try: BYS Liquid Liner & Kohl Pencil Duo, P599

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