10 Tricks To Volumize Thin, Lifeless Hair

Here are the secrets to getting bouncy, va-va-voom hair.
By Samantha Clerigo

Having fine, straight, and flat hair can be a struggle to deal with every day. Most of the time, any effort towards scrunching, styling, or curling your hair just ends up leaving it more limp or lifeless than before. Whether it’s the result of damage from too much hairstyling, environmental aggressors, or just plain genetics, do not fret; it's not the end of the world. There are still plenty of ways you can breathe new life to your mane.

But first, you need to fully understand its needs. For starters, naturally thin hair, much like curly hair, is a hair type that's pretty tricky to manage as it requires extra TLC. And the finer and thinner your hair strands are, the more prone they are to damage. That said, a routine that works for someone with normal or thicker hair may not exactly work for you. This is where a targeted hair care and styling regimen comes in, one that's skewed towards adding volume and body to your locks while also preventing unnecessary damage.

You can start your journey towards bouncier, shinier, and thicker-looking tresses by following these tips below:

1. Exercise great care when washing your hair. 

If your hair is thin and therefore extra fragile, overwashing definitely won't do you any favors, and even leave your strands looking dry and frizzy. Instead, limit washing based on your hair’s characteristics. For those with dry hair, you can do away with washing every day—if the weather permits—and switch to a volumizing dry shampoo on no-wash days. On the other hand, if you've got oily hair, make sure you switch to a gentle shampoo for your daily shower. 

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2. Be mindful of how you apply your shampoo and conditioner. 

One of the little perks of having thin hair is that you’re not using as much products as those with a thicker mane. But here's a tip: Don't apply the product directly to your scalp! Dilute the shampoo in your hand first, lather up a bit, before applying to your hair, gently massaging over your scalp to help rid it of oil and dirt buildup. Applying your product directly to the scalp can be irritating and contribute to further hair thinning.

Meanwhile, when conditioning, it’s best to avoid the scalp and just apply on the mid-shafts of your hair down to the ends. This can prevent your scalp from becoming too oily, which can weigh your hair down and make it look flat. For weightless conditioning, you can also try a dry conditioner, like this spray-on formula from Eva NYC:

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3. Always pat your hair dry instead of rubbing. 

After your shower, skip the aggressive rubdown on your hair with a towel. Remember, thinner hair can break more easily, which is why it is of utmost importance to treat it with kindness. Be mindful of the kind of material your towel is made of, too. If you can, stick to softer materials, like microfiber towels, to avoid too much friction. This will make it easier for you to volumize your hair when blowdrying and keep it from appearing frizzy afterwards. 

4. Let your hair air-dry naturally.

Some of you might want to let their hair air-dry so it spends less time under the heat of a styling tool. That’s okay, too. You can choose to simply scrunch up your hair or tousle your crown a little to get that sexy, beach wave effect. A few spritzes of volumizing spray will help keep it in place—while adding a bit of body.

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5. Blow-dry upside down for maximum volume.

But if you’re really serious about achieving that va-va-voom hair, the best option is to use a blow-dryer. This not only dries your hair faster, but also gives you more control when styling your hair. When blow-drying, make sure that you’ve towel-dried your hair as much as possible. Then, lower your head until your all your hair is falling over your face. Direct the heat to the roots of your hair until the ends. If you’ve got the arm power, you can also blow dry your hair upwards while running a barrel brush through the length of your hair.  

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5. Go easy on the heat when styling.

If you can’t help but rely on heating-styling tools, it’s important that you invest in quality and trusted brands. For example, you can create the illusion of thicker and more defined hair if you use a curling iron. But make sure that you keep the heat setting in check! Too much heat can wreak havoc on your locks. 

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6. Apply hair products in moderation. 

Thin, brittle hair has the tendency to look dry, dull, and boring. For a quick boost, you can look for products that specifically restores your hair’s shine and gives it the intensive repair treatment it needs. But, as with everything else, you have to be mindful of how much product you’re slapping onto your hair. 

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7. Get a haircut. 

Take it from us: Keeping your hair ultra long forever is doing little to help with defining and adding volume to your tresses. The longer your hair is, the heaver it gets and the flatter it looks. Plus, too much length highlights the stringiness of your hair and restricts its movement. Our suggestion? Try sporting a long bob (if you’re not too excited about getting short hair) or a blunt cut that’s chin-length. Having shorter hair gives the appearance of body and makes your strands look less sparse. P.S. We're loving Coleen Garcia's bouncy bob!

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8. Change your part. 

If you’re not ready to make the commitment of chopping off your locks, you can choose to switch up your part. Since time immemorial, you’ve probably been parting your hair in the same direction. Consider transferring it to the opposite side or the center to lift your hair away from your scalp and create volume. 

9. Switch up your hair color.

Changing your hair color can also have the power to make your hair look fuller and more voluminous. Highlights are a great way to set a contrast between your hair and your scalp and make it look more three-dimensional. Doing this also gives your hair a bouncy appearance. Don't be afraid to experiment with hair colors and find the best shade that suits you. 

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10. Sleep with your hair in a bun. 

This classic trick has most likely existed since the time of our grandparents and has been a go-to solution for anyone who doesn't have the time to pick up a curling iron the next day. 

How to do it: After brushing your hair at night, twist your locks into a loose bun and secure with a ponytail. Tying your hair can keep it from getting tangled while you sleep and becoming buhaghag upon waking up. The next morning, you'll wake up to gorgeous, sexy curls, minus the effort. 

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