6 Grown-Up Ways To Wear Hair Clips and Barrettes

A.K.A. more reasons to hoard ‘em!
By Sharlene Calderon

From dainty hair pins to colorful snap clips and giant barrettes, hair accessories are definitely big this 2019. And seeing how they're still all over Instagram even when it's already—gasp—the second half of the year, it's safe to say that these ‘90s-inspired headpieces aren't going anywhere.

Nobody's complaining, though! We love how these embellishments can instantly spruce up any hairstyle. Need proof? Here are just some of the endless ways you can wear these accessories, no matter the occasion!

#1: The Basic Hair Down

The best part about wearing hair accessories is that you'll only need minimal hair styling (or none at all) and you're good to go. If you like wearing your hair down, try rocking these mismatched clips—paired with a bright outfit—for a fun change!

Pro Tip: For great hair all day long, use a scalp-friendly hair brush, like the Wet Brush Mini Detangler, P399, to keep tangles and frizz at bay.

#2: The Sleek Low Ponytail

Here's a subtle way to ease into the hair pin trend: Wear them clustered on one side and behind your ear! It may not be as quickly noticeable as the previous hairstyle, but it's a surprising way to level up your ponytail.

Pro Tip: For a more elegant finish, hide your elastic by wrapping it with a one-inch section of your hair and set everything in place with a high-shine hair spray. Try the Eva NYC Hold Me Tight Hairspray, P999.

#3: The Modern High Bun

Great for hot days, stacking two pearly barrettes under the bun is a stylish trick to keep those pesky baby hairs from falling out of place. It's also a quick way to transform a rather messy post-gym hairstyle to an office-appropriate (and even date night-ready) updo!

Pro Tip: Give your hair an added grip by spritzing on a texturizing hair spray before throwing it into a bun.

#4: The Sideswept Waves

Dial up the glam of the classic sideswept hairdo by accessorizing it with exposed bobby pins. It's the new, cool girl way of wearing hair pins! Simply create a pattern and experiment with different shapes and sizes—or in this case, go crazy with similar pins—for that effortlessly ethereal look. 

Pro Tip: Ditch the black bobby pins and go for something more eye-catching like gold or silver versions.

#5: The Glam Center Part

Modern, shiny barrettes, the '90s center part, and mermaid hair—who says you can’t wear multiple trends in one look? For a day-to-night style, opt for clips with chic designs and finish, like these confetti-patterned accessories.

Pro Tip: Got no time to curl your hair? This automatic curler from Kiss New York is the perfect tool for busy gals like you.  

#6: The Elegant Twists

Going somewhere fancy? Try this exquisite hairstyle that's super easy to do! Simply take two sections of your hair at either side of your face, twist them back, and secure with oversized clips. Doing so also immediately dolls up this simple 'do. Talk about being functional and fashionable!

Pro Tip: Score an extra smooth finish by applying a bit of oil to the mid-lengths to the ends of hair. Try the Revox Argan Oil 100% Natural, P229.

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Photos by Pau Guevarra. Hair and makeup by Jeannie Palomado. Model: Kim Chanpongco.