Crash Course on K-Beauty: How To Cop Son Ye-Jin’s Beauty Looks In ‘Crash Landing On You’

We’re crushing on Se-ri’s effortless beauty looks!

By the Beauty Beat Team

Netflix’s Crash Landing on You is no doubt everyone’s current favorite K-drama, turning viewers everywhere into gushy, lovestruck fans. The original series tells the story of wealthy heiress Yoon Se-ri, played by actress Son Ye-jin, who finds herself in North Korea after a paragliding accident. Here, she meets North Korean military officer Ri Jeong Hyeok, played by Hyun Bin, and they fall in love despite the impossible circumstances.

Aside from the riveting storyline that keeps you at the edge of your seat and the natural chemistry between the two leads (this is next-level kilig, you guys!), we’re also gushing over Son Ye-jin’s fresh beauty, which makes us want to hoard all the K-beauty products she uses onscreen and in real life! (Quick trivia: Can you believe she is already 38?)

Inspired by her au naturel gorgeousness and sophisticated Seoul style, we’ve rounded up some K-beauty tips on how you, too, can be a crush-worthy heroine… and maybe win over your own Mr. Ri in real life!

1. Skin care is key.

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Dewy, moisturized skin is a K-beauty staple, and it’s one of the first things we noticed about Son Ye-jin’s complexion—especially during scenes when she’s supposed to look bare-faced. To achieve the coveted glass skin glow, though, it all boils down to skin care. Sheet masksmoisturizers, and serums are major elements of the Korean skin care routine, so you should consider adding them to yours, too. No time for a long-winded regimen? Try scheduling a once-a-week masking session to replenish skin’s lost moisture—and fast.

Try these skin quenchers:

  • Bioderma Serum


2. Keep the coverage light and au naturel.

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According to Son Ye-jin’s makeup artist, Mu-jin, the actress barely puts anything on her face for her North Korea scenes for a more realistic finish. She skips the blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, and even the lash curler!

For parts that need coverage, however, a lightweight
concealer or BB cream is the easiest skin saver. Take your cue from the actress and skip the heavy foundation for a more natural skin finish.

Try these face-savers:

3. Go for a natural contour.

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Unlike in the West, where contouring is a big thing (and done pretty heavy-handedly, too), the rules of K-beauty dictate a softer take on face-sculpting, focusing on enhancing the natural contours of the face instead of forcing your own shape.

To achieve this, you can opt to use a darker shade of foundation on the natural contours of your face, while applying your usual shade for the rest of the areas. To apply your darker shade, use a slanted brush for extra precision.

Try these base essentials:

4. Flaunt just-bitten lips.

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Lip tints are staples in Son Ye-jin’s onscreen looks, whether she’s slaying in Seoul or playing damsel in distress in military territory. To score kissable lips like hers, make sure to moisturize lips with a nourishing balm on the reg to allow your liquid tint to blend more seamlessly. A weekly scrub does your puckers a lot of good, too, to keep dryness and flakiness at bay.

Try these lip treats:

5. Bring in the waves.

Image courtesy of Netflix

Son Ye-jin’s character Se-ri discovers that old-school hairstyles still reign in North Korea, prompting her to try them out so she can blend in. (She slayed, too!) To cop the big, soft waves that she wore on her trip to Pyongyang, use a curler with a big barrel and make sure to curl away from your face. Don’t forget to apply a frizz-fighting product to maintain hair’s smoothness even after styling.

Try these hair helpers:

6. Try a subtle pink eye shadow color.

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Our heroine barely wears any eye makeup in the series, and for good reason: Her peepers are already stunning on their own! But if you want to look extra romantic and feminine, a little pink eye shadow will do the trick! You don’t even need to buy a separate palette; your lipstick or rosy blush can work. For a natural-looking flush, opt for a cream or liquid formula and gently blend on the lids with your ring finger.

Try these blushing hues:


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