Beauty Brushes For Dogs Exist—And You’ll Want To Get One For Your Pet!

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The best part: Our furry friends love them!

By the Beauty Beat Team | Feb. 29, 2020

Fur-parents, we see you. Just like moms and dads of humans, we know you’ll do anything to make their lives all cushy and comfy—starting from their diet and living quarters to their exercise and grooming routines. But what if we told you that we’ve found a hairbrush line that’s specifically and lovingly made for our dear pets? What’s more, it’s from one of the world’s top hairstyling brands: Wet Brush!

Introducing: Pet Brush by Wet Brush

If you’ve tried Wet Brush tools before, then you probably get why we’re so excited about this. ICYDK: The brand is world-famous for its Original Detangler, which changed the hair brush game by taking the pain and snagging out of detangling and brushing—even when hair is wet. The secret lies in their innovative Intelliflex bristles, which guarantee ouch-less grooming. (Check out our Ooh or Ouch test here!)

Now offering a wide range of brushes and hair tools, the brand is now catering to our paw pals, too, particularly our hairy, cuddly doggos.

To put the Pet Brush tools to the test, we asked fur-parents to try them on their adorable four-legged babies!


Pet Brush by Wet Brush Ultimate Groomer, P999

Key features: This double-sided brush has the exclusive and ultra soft IntelliFlex bristles on one side, which work to quickly and gently remove mats and tangles minus any pulling or tugging. The other side, meanwhile, features reinforced nylon bristles to remove loose hair, dirt, and impurities, leaving behind a shiny, healthy-looking coat! Plus: It seems to have a relaxing massage-like effect on our doggie models, too.

Bonus benefits: It cuts down grooming time and ensures 45% less hair breakage compared to other (non-dog-friendly) brushes.


Pet Brush by Wet Brush Large Breed Detangler, P699

Key features: The smart Wavetooth Intelliflex bristles ensure a relaxing grooming session for your pet every single time, gliding through any fur type or hair length quickly and gently—to undo mats and smoothen knots. 

Bonus benefits: Aside from speeding up grooming time and minimizing breakage, its ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, making life easier for you, too.

Excited for your pups’ next grooming sesh? Shop more Wet Brush tools (for you, too!) here.

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