6 Makeup Swaps You Need To Make This Summer

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The sunny season calls for a few beauty tweaks.

By the Beauty Beat Team | March 13, 2020

With temps on the rise, the last thing you want to do is to suffocate your skin by piling on lots of makeup. Heavy formulas will only melt in this heat, leaving you looking like a greasy, splotchy mess. It’s clear: The summer season calls for swapping your beauty staples for lighter, more budge-proof alternatives.

Don’t fret, though; you don’t exactly need a major beauty kit overhaul. You can simply stow away some of your regulars for a couple of months in favor of a more summer-friendly lineup.

Ready to make the switch? Check out our top six beauty swaps here:

Swap #1: BB Cream instead of foundation

Foundation fan? We feel you. The beauty staple, after all, is considered the go-to scoring a flawless complexion. But when temps are rising, you’ll want to trade your heavy-duty base for a lighter formula—something that won’t melt in the heat or cake as you sweat. Enter the K-beauty fave BB Cream, which gives you similar benefits albeit with slightly less coverage. On the upside, it’s packed with extra skin care benefits (hydration included) and is usually already infused with SPF.

Similarly, CC Creams and tinted moisturizers make great summer-friendly alternatives, too.

Swap #2: Lip tint instead of lipstick

While we all love a creamy lip color, it can’t be denied that lip tints or stains have better staying power and require fewer touch-ups. Plus, they’re perfect for outdoor excursions and can even be worn while swimming! If your lips are prone to dryness, make sure to apply a nourishing balm first or to choose a mousse-y or gel tint formula, which is less drying than liquid stains.   

Swap #3: Liquid or cream blush instead of powder blush

The heat and your sweat can cause powder pigments to get splotchy or cakey as the day wears on, leaving you looking like a hot mess. For a flawless and natural-looking flush, switch to a liquid or cream blush, which adheres to skin longer and more smoothly.  Make sure to perfect your blush before setting with powder, though, to avoid ending up with a flaky, uneven finish.

Swap #4: Cream eye shadow instead of powder eye shadow

When it comes to your eye shadow, the same rule applies: Creams tend to stay put longer and more neatly than powders especially in the summer heat, so the former is preferred. If you’ve got naturally oily lids, an eyelid primer can help keep your pigment in place.

Swap #5: Brow pencil instead of brow wax or gel

Brow waxes, creams, and gels have a tendency to slide off as you sweat—unless you’re using the waterproof kind. For fast, no-fuss arches, a smudge-proof brow pencil or liquid pen can be your summer go-to. Already blessed with full brows? Just a few swipes of clear brow mascara ought to do the trick to set your strands in place.

Swap #6: Waterproof eyeliner instead of a kohl pencil

While we all love a dramatic eye statement, the sunny season isn’t exactly the time to experiment with smokey looks, lest you want to sport raccoon eyes from your runny liner. It’s best to stow away your kohl pencil liners for now and go for safer, waterproof versions—whether liquid, gel, or pencil. The same goes for your mascara!

Bonus tip: Since black liners can look pretty stark and intense, you can switch to a brown eyeliner shade for a more summer-friendly look.

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