KISS New York

KISS New York InstaWave Automatic Curler

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Here’s a self-curling iron that can give you dreamy waves in as little as five minutes!

KISS New York InstaWave is a fully automatic curler that features a ceramic barrel and a self-turning Curl Dial that instantly catches and curls hair, transforming pin-straight strands into gorgeous, tangle-free waves in seconds. No need to manually twist and wrap hair sections into the tool; the unique design does the work for you—the dial moves in both left and right directions (your choice!) as the barrel gently heats up hair to lock in your curls. It’s super safe and easy to use, and promises not to damage your precious strands with proper use.

• Patent Pending Curl Dial creates tangle-free curls
• Ceramic Ionic Technology produces healthy, shiny locks with less frizz and damage
• Professional grade temperature (420°F max) locks in curls
• Auto shutoff after 90 minutes
• Ideal for all hair lengths and types

While holding the tool upward, place a section of hair on the InstaWave and switch on to activate the Curl Dial. Hold in place until the dial captures the entire length of hair, and wait three to five seconds before gently pulling the tool downward to release the freshly curled strands. Repeat until all sections of hair are covered.